A single idea can start a groundswell, be a flashpoint for a movement, and it can actually rewrite our future. But an idea is powerless if it stays inside of you....if you communicate an idea in a way that resonates, change will happen.
— Nancy Duarte

Hi, I'm Lauren, the founder of Resonate Coaching.

My passion is helping clients discover their true capacity for power through the words they speak. Why? Because prestigious degrees and great ideas aren't enough. It's how you communicate your ideas that moves others to action. It's how you communicate your ideas that changes the world.

My Background

I'm a Lecturer in Strategic Communication at the Stanford Graduate School of Business and a speaking coach for the GSB's TED-like program (known as LOWKeynotes). I've also served as a guest lecturer and skills coach for Stanford Law School, the Stanford undergraduate program, and the d.school.

In addition to my work at Stanford, I work with a range of private clients from TED speakers to start-up founders to high-level executives, helping them increase their impact through the crafting and delivery of compelling messages that resonate with audiences...whether that audience is one or many.  Through coaching, we work together to transform situations, unlock opportunities, and motivate others to action through more effective communication.

I received my B.A. in psychology from Stanford University. I also studied coaching and leadership development at the Coaches Training Institute.