Group workshops and Team Development

Highly experiential and interactive workshops designed to take your and your team's communication skills to the next level.

Learn best practices, develop skills through in-class practice, and receive personalized feedback that will help you target key areas for growth.

Current workshop offerings include: 

Delivering Compelling Presentations

Presentations are crucial for sharing information, gaining buy-in from key stakeholders, and motivating people to action. Learn how to:

  • Speak with greater confidence and ease
  • Craft content that is engaging and memorable 
  • Achieve more gravitas and stage presence 


Developing impromptu speaking and Q&A skills

Speaking in a manner that is both clear and compelling when unprepared or while engaging in Q&A is a crucial skill for success. Learn how to:

  • Speak both clearly and concisely when speaking off the cuff
  • Ensure that your unprepared answer is not only clear but also compelling
  • Connect with your audience and demonstrate confidence nonverbally


Effectively communicating in groups and teams

Leading a team and communicating within it effectively can lead to enhanced productivity and powerful execution, but these results are often hard to achieve. Learn how to:

  • Play to your strengths and add unique value in group settings
  • Improve group problem solving and conflict resolution
  • Structure meetings for maximum efficiency and results


The Essentials of Persuasive communication

The ability to persuade others is essential for selling your ideas, selling your product, and mobilizing your team. Learn how to:

  • Implement proven shortcuts for guiding decision making
  • Engage in a three-prong approach for motivating behavior change
  • Develop more persuasive body language

If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.
— John Quincy Adams