Interpersonal communication Coaching

Studies have shown when we work together in groups, we tend to innovate faster, see mistakes more quickly, and find better solutions to problems. We also tend to achieve better results and experience higher job satisfaction.

That is, when we have the ability to communicate, problem-solve, and resolve conflict effectively. Without this ability, we’re instead likely to feel increasing levels of stress and job dissatisfaction as well as to experience more team failure and turnover.

Through one-on-one coaching, achieve mastery in your interpersonal communication, so that you can maximize both your own performance and satisfaction as well as that of others. Focus areas include:

·      Improving group problem-solving

·      Resolving conflict while still preserving relationships

·      Initiating + responding to difficult conversations

·      Forming strong relationships with others

·      Participating more effectively in meetings

·      Structuring meetings for maximum efficiency and results

·      Delivering + receiving feedback


The most valuable investment you can make in yourself is improving your ability to communicate.
— Warren Buffet