Compelling Presentations I

  • Manage speaking anxiety and communicate with greater calm and confidence 

  • Develop content that is both clear and compelling

  • Craft and deliver stories that motivate and inspire

  • Demonstrate both warmth and strength (the communication sweet spot)

  • Engage an audience through nonverbal presence


Compelling Presentations II

  • Improve the ability to persuade others

  • Speak both clearly and concisely when engaging in Q&A or speaking impromptu

  • Develop slides/visuals for maximum impact

  • Implement proven shortcuts for guiding decision making

Interpersonal Dynamics I

  • Communicate in ways that enhance team performance and outcomes

  • Increase trust and influence both verbally and nonverbally

  • Solve problems and resolve conflict more effectively


Interpersonal Dynamics II

  • Engage in crucial conversations and deliver feedback more effectively

  • Lead and engage in team meetings for maximum efficiency and results

  • Develop a strong team culture that improves team outcomes and satisfaction