Public Speaking and Presentation Coaching 

Many elements go into being an effective and resonant speaker. We can help you with any or all of the following:

Resonance Pre-work

  • Boosting speaking confidence and reducing anxiety 
  • Finding the right frame for your talk through an AIM analysis (Audience, Intent, Message)
  • Defining your objectives and clarifying your message 

Resonant Content 

  •    Developing a structure that is compelling and maximizes clarity
  •    Co-creating content utilizing tools proven to enhance resonance
  •    Restructuring and editing already developed content 

Resonant Delivery

  • Uncovering the habits that are undermining your resonance
  • Learning how to communicate nonverbally for maximum impact 
  • Developing your own unique delivery style that will resonant with your audience

Impromptu Speaking Workshops 

When it comes to impromptu speaking - whether you're interviewing for a job, pitching an idea or speaking in a meeting - being both clear and compelling is key to achieving your desired outcomes...but not always easy to do. Through individual meetings or group workshops, learn how to be more effective when speaking on your feet.

Individual sessions

  • Through mock question and answer sessions, receive personalized feedback on the factors that are undermining your resonance and learn tips and tricks for becoming a more effective and compelling impromptu speaker.

Group workshops

  • Participate in the mock Q&A sessions in a group setting while receiving both peer and expert feedback. 

Non-native speaker sessions

    • We have expertise working with non-native English speakers. Learn how to communicate with more effectiveness and clarity during those times when you don't have the ability to prepare in advance. 

Leadership Development Programs

Research has shown that if you fail to resonate with your employees or your team, you have only a 1 in 2000 chance of being rated as highly effective. Through team offsites, we work with you alongside our strategic partners to help you unlock the keys to leadership and team effectiveness. 

Maximizing leadership presence and impact 

  • We work with Anese Cavanaugh, the founder of the IEP method, to help you optimize your impact, solve leadership and collaboration challenges, and grow as individuals, teams, and organizations.

Improve leadership skills and develop high performing teams 

  • We partner with the Red Barn Leadership program at Stanford through which groups work alongside horses, who are valuable teachers and feedback providers for the way we are leading and/or interacting with our teams. 

Navigating change and uncertainty

  • We collaborate with Timshel consulting to deliver two-day off-sites that work with leaders and teams to navigate difficult and pressing situations, including team dysfunction, company reorganization and periods of transition.