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"Lauren is a gift and changes lives."

Lauren led her phenomenal workshop Drive a Point, Not a Wedge for our organization. Rave reviews are still pouring in regarding how life-changing and eye-opening this presentation was. One leader shared how Lauren's tools helped save an employee's job and another how she was able to work through previously unresolvable issues with her partner.

Lauren's presentation was impressive not only for its substance but also her delivery. One participant shared she felt like she was watching a TEDTalk.

I can't recommend Lauren highly enough. She's a pleasure to work with, captivating to watch, and provides powerful tools for transforming how we communicate both personally and professionally.

Quite simply, Lauren is a gift and changes lives.

"I've never received such positive feedback than after my work with Lauren!"

I've been speaking publicly and delivering keynotes for quite a while now, but I've never received such positive feedback than after my work with Lauren. After a recent keynote, I received the following two emails: "WOW! I mean I have seen you present before, but you have definitely taken it to a new level!" and "Not only loved your new content - your energy and delivery was among the best I've seen." Thank you so much, Lauren!

"After my presentation, one audience member came up to me and told me it was the best keynote he had ever seen!"

I have to give a huge shout out to Lauren and how incredible she is at what she does! I hired her to help me with a keynote, and she was amazing at helping me bring my talk to the next level and make it more like a TEDTalk. After my presentation, one audience member came up and told me it was the best keynote he had ever seen! Lauren isn't just good at what she does, she challenged me, inspired me, was relentless in getting me to where I needed to be, and she believed in me. I'm so glad I had the opportunity to work with her!

"Lauren's coaching turned an otherwise bland presentation into a compelling and passionate story that resonated with the company." 

I had a large presentation to give with the goal of inspiring my team around a shared vision and aligning our actions going forward.  Lauren's help turned an otherwise bland presentation into a compelling and passionate story that resonated with the company.  The metaphor and narrative she helped me develop have also become part of a shared vocabulary for us, framing the way we prioritize our work and helping drive critical changes.  She's great.  Hire her.

"The presentation training I received from Lauren completely transformed my confidence and delivery when presenting. "

I was really nervous to present to our CEO for the first time, and I have to report that he LOVED it! The presentation training I received from Lauren completely transformed my delivery and my confidence when presenting AND we even got a standing ovation (which I'm told never happens). The CEO said real quote "This is one of the most exciting things I've seen from Interactive in years." I can't thank Lauren enough...she helped me tremendously!

"Lauren is an exceptional coach...I got so much more than speaking coaching. I got a deeper understanding of why I do my work and what it is I want to bring to the world. "

Until I worked with Lauren, I really didn't know how much I needed help with presenting. Lauren is an exceptional speaking coach! She really understands what makes for the best structure of a talk, content, and delivery. She worked with me to have the most compelling presentation arc possible and to strengthen my body language. She also made me realize where I had been hiding and encouraged me to take full ownership of what I had to say to the world. She focused so much on inspiration (what people love!) and keeping things grounded with examples, which really made my presentation shine and resonate with my audience. In the end, I got so much more than speaking coaching. I got a deeper understanding of why I do my work and what it is I want to bring to the world. Thank you Lauren!”

"I've grown and learned more about public speaking than I ever would have thought possible in these last two months. "

What a journey I've been on thanks to Lauren. I've grown and learned more about public speaking than I ever would have thought possible in these last two months. From the very start, Lauren was so dedicated and committed to my success. She taught me how to transform an "academic-like" talk into an engaging, "audience-friendly" one with better results than I ever could have imagined. I end my work with Lauren feeling confident and comfortable with public speaking. I've come a long way from the shy public speaker I was three years ago and so much of this growth was in the last two months with Lauren. Beyond what she taught me about speaking, Lauren was also such a pleasure to work with. Thank you for everything, Lauren!

"I can't thank Lauren enough for all the time, hard work and excellent advice she provided to me in preparation for my TEDTalk. 

I really don't have words to express my sincerest appreciation; truly! The result of our work together was super and worth every minute of the preparation. I'm going to miss our series of regular and intense work sessions as I transition back to "life as usual." 

"Lauren has a depth to her coaching that helps make your talk not only more compelling, but also more truthful." 

Lauren coached me through one of the most personal, emotionally vivid, and professionally impactful speeches I've ever written and delivered. It was a talk detailing the journey of my life to date and how it led me to how I define the things I stand for. 

Of course, Lauren has mastered speech crafting technicalities, but where she is truly invaluable is her combination of authentic listening and story structuring. She's able to hear and understand the essence of what you're trying to convey - with all subtleties intact - and subsequently design storytelling structures that most effectively communicate that message. 

Many coaches I've worked with could identify a change in pacing here or a word modification there, but Lauren is the only one who's taken the time and care to comb through my hundreds of iterations to identify the one that had my voice. This unwavering authenticity is what elevated my speech and what was the key to its resonance. Most importantly, it cannot be faked.

I recommend Lauren for anyone looking for a depth to their words and a closing of the gap between what people hear and how they feel.

"Lauren was the difference between an 'okay' speech and an 'amazing' one." 

If you have a speech or presentation to deliver, I highly recommend going to see Lauren. I was asked to give a speech to a group of more than 200 alumni at Stanford University, and Lauren was the difference between an "okay" speech and an "amazing" one. Lauren coached me on my delivery and drastically improved the final product. When it was all over, I had a handful of alumni - successful professionals here in the Bay Area - come up and tell me how much they enjoyed the speech and how impressed they were with the delivery. So those coaching sessions were worth their weight in gold! Thank you, Lauren!

"Without Lauren's partnership, I'm convinced our dream would have never been fully realized." 

We cannot thank Lauren enough for her support of the Girl Effect Accelerator. Though we could express pages upon pages of gratitude, we'll keep it simple and genuine. It was an absolute pleasure to work with her on this first-of-its kind program. It is our goal to support entrepreneurs that future generations will remember as having changed the world...those who have the chance to impact millions. Without Lauren's partnership, I'm convinced our dream would have never been fully realized. On behalf of all of us at Unreasonable, I greatly looking forward to kicking butt with Lauren now and into the future!

"Lauren absolutely exceeded my expectations." 

It was really great working with Lauren. She absolutely exceeded my expectations and has changed my perspective in a big way!

"Lauren really transformed my approach to presenting...and she is a joy to work with!"

Lauren really transformed my approach to presenting. As someone who jumped into a sales role without much background, I felt like a fish out of water every time I had to present. Lauren completely changed my outlook. She helped me refine my messaging, redesign my pitch deck to better communicate the story of our product, and communicate with more warmth and emotion. Most importantly (for me), because the presentation felt much more natural and less forced, my whole attitude towards pitching changed (and it really comes across in the delivery). Plus, Lauren is just a joy to work with! 

"We had the opportunity to meet with Lauren...and win the Demo Day competition!"

We had the opportunity to meet with Lauren prior to delivering our pitch for a Demo Day competition. We followed her recommendations and pitching best practices checklist precisely. And we won the competition! Thank you so much Lauren for your advice, and we are glad that we met you before the pitch!

"With her coaching, Lauren helped me bring out the 'wow' experience." 

Lauren is very insightful, and it's so pleasant to learn from her advice and experience her energy! It's contagious. 

Before my talk, I listened to Lauren's advice about preparing myself. And I felt like she were right there with me. It was amazing! My biggest takeaway from working with Lauren, though, is that personal stories are much more enticing and engaging, like delicious secret sauces. I had wanted to hide behind theories and structures (my default comfort zone) as I felt vulnerable sharing my own stories and failures. But Lauren inspired me and helped me feel comfortable sharing them. They were very well received by my audience, and my talk went so much better than I ever expected! 

Thank you, Lauren, for challenging me and helping me deliver a more powerful talk!

"Lauren goes above and beyond in her coaching."

I had an incredible experience working with Lauren, and I'm so happy with how my Keynote turned out. I could not have done it without her. Lauren is inspiring and helps illuminate the light in others through her coaching...she's really good!

"I can't thank Lauren enough for all the ways she helped me."

Developing and delivering this talk was an incredibly meaningful experience for me, and Lauren's help was so instrumental: tactical tips, wording tweaks, encouragement, book recommendations, other applications - I could seriously go on and on. Instead, I will just offer my profound gratitude.

"Our entrepreneurs found Lauren's sessions incredibly rewarding and useful."

We can't thank Lauren enough for her help preparing our entrepreneurs for their Demo Day pitches. We were especially delighted when they came up to us afterward letting us know how valuable they found their sessions with her!

"Lauren is a wonderful coach!"

I have so much gratitude for Lauren. In particular, what stood out for me during our work together was her incredible support, kindness, always uplifting smile, thought-provoking questions, deep care for her clients, unbelievable willingness to go above and beyond, her beautiful enthusiasm, her never ending excitement, and her ability to keep calm and forward looking in every situation. She is a wonderful coach!

"I left with a greater sense of self-awareness and several tools to help me be a more effective leader in business and in life."

Attending one of Lauren's workshops helped me uncover truths about my personality, strengths, and weaknesses.  Although some of the exercises required attendees to get out of their comfort zone, Lauren's non-judgmental attitude and warmth made it easier to open up and practice the leadership skills being taught. I highly recommend working with Lauren!