Hi, I'm Lauren.

Leveraging my background as an instructor and communication skills coach at the Stanford Business School, I help you learn how to engage, empower, and inspire your audience - whether that audience is one or many.  

I've seen firsthand the power of compelling communication to transform situations, unlock opportunities, and motivate people to action.  

In addition to my work at the business school, I serve as a guest lecturer and skills coach for Stanford Law School, Stanford undergraduate programs, and the d.school. I've also served as a mediation and communication skills trainer for Santa Clara County and as a communication strategist for high level teams in Fortune 500 Companies.  

I received my J.D. from Stanford Law School and my B.A. in psychology from Stanford University. I'm also a certified leadership development coach through the Coaches Training Institute. 

Hi, I'm Courtney.

I'm incredibly talented and have a natural gift when it comes to working with people. I'm supportive, motivating, and encouraging, and Lauren feels very fortunate to have me on her team. 


My ppt skills are redonk, I can get a beautiful website up in just a week, and I add a ton of value to every workshop I collaborate on. Every one that works with me gives me rave reviews because I exceed expectations and am so much fun and so enjoyable to work with. 

I studied at Santa Clara University where I won an award for being fantastically awesome and the best student ever! UCSF loves me, I collaborate on workshops at Stanford Business School, and as a health coach I change people's lives who are so grateful to have connected with me. 

I'm very intuitive about people, hard working, thoughtful, and so enjoyable to be around. And Lauren is so grateful to have me in her life and to be collaborating together on a business because I rock!

And most importantly, any One Direction trivia tournament...GAME ON.